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Meets Expectations

"Being a Massage Therapist myself, I'm pretty picky about the kind of bodywork I get; but Sharon meets all my expectations. Her work is very intuitive, specific, and deep - just the way I like it. Anyone wanting therapeutic results when receiving bodywork can be confident that Sharon has the necessary skills to meet your needs. She's amazing!" Melanie B. - Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer, and Physical Therapist

Favorite Therapist!

"I can say without question that Sharon is my favorite massage therapist, ever!" Peter S. - Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor/Educator and previous Massage Therapist/Instructor

My First Choice

"My body is what you would call “used”. I need help keeping up with my work-outs; Sharon is the best mechanic I have found in Boulder. Strong but gentle enough to keep me going without inflicting pain. Always my first choice when I need a tune up. Larry - "Old Guy in Boulder"

Rescue Massage!

"I went into my massage with Sharon with a painful 2-day old injury that left me feeling very tight and sore, and looking for immediate relief (strained pectoral muscles). Her massage resulted in me feeling hopeful (i.e. like hey I can get through this injury!) and human again. My shoulders, neck, and back had tightened up along with the injured area but I left feeling much looser and in far less pain. Thanks to Sharon I had an awesome birthday weekend in spite of my injury!" Catherine B.

Specific to Client

"What I love about Sharon's work is that she listens to what I want and is able to get in and address the areas I want worked on. She doesn't have a 'one size fits all massage'. Her work is specific to client needs. I like deep work and I can always count on deep quality work when I am on Sharon's table." Caroline W. - Massage Therapist, Iron-woman, Ultra Runner, Cyclist, and Skier

Hope she moves to Oregon

"Sharon's massage work was something I came to rely upon when I lived in Boulder . . .and I have not found anyone near my new home that can match her skills. I was not any easy client. I continually arrived on her table battered, and bruised by my life's journey and she always had the strength, knowledge, technique and patience to put things to right. If she ever moves to Oregon, I will be the first in line at her table . . ." Don C. Retired and Very Busy Individual-

Problem Solver

“Sharon brings to her craft: intelligence, physical strength, and focus. She is a problem solver who listens carefully and then structures the session to address the individual person’s needs. I strongly recommend Sharon to anyone who is looking for a skilled and thoughtful practitioner.” Steve N. - AIA, Dad, and Taekwondoist

One of those Rare Finds!

"It’s a pleasure when you find someone who is so good at what they do. Sharon finds those points that need work even if I don't know they do and I am rejuvenated for a week after a massage. She has helped me with back soreness and her touch is just right. My teen-age son goes to her when he feels tight from running or stress and always feels better. Certificates for Sharon’s massages have become the gift of choice for our family." Susan R. - Yoga Practitioner and Mom

Pleasant Person

"Sharon understands the human body, and has an uncanny knack for finding those areas needing work, requiring little direction. She has strong hands, can do the deep work that I like, but with an intuitive feel for just how deep to go. She's great if you're looking for deep work, or just a relaxing massage. And she's simply a pleasant person to spend an hour with!" Dave C. - Dad and Avid Outdoor Enthusiast

In-tuned and a Joy to be Around

"Sharon has a very healing touch, always sensitive to the level of work I need each time. From deep tissue massage to relaxing and soothing work, she is always focused and aware of my need for quiet or conversation. She never brings her life challenges to the table no matter how eminent in her life they may be. And Sharon is just fun, light-hearted, full of laughter and a joy to be around." Suchi P. - Mom, Caregiver and previous Massage Therapist


"Sharon instinctively knows what muscles need the most attention and what needs to be done to repair after a long workout." Jodi M. - Mom, Psychotherapist and Triathlon Participant

One of the Best

"I want to acknowledge one of the best massages I have had in a long time.....deep, connected, and listening to her intuition." V. R. - Massage Therapist and Dance Instructor

Excellent Therapist

"Sharon is an excellent therapist. I have been getting body work for over 20 years and I have never come out of a session feeling as balanced and energized as I do after working with her." John E.

Wonderful Massage Session!!

"Really great session. Loved the treatment room and all the attention to details in the room. Sharon has an amazing quality of touch. I will see her often for bodywork... !!!!" WLS

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