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about sharon harman

sharon harman

Sharon earned her massage certification in 1997 from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado in Denver. After more than 18 years of dedication to her own health and fitness, Sharon made the commitment to become a Personal Trainer and earned her certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She uses this knowledge to educate her clientele with ways to be proactive in their own wellness and pursuit of a pain free life.

Sharon grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. In 1995, she earned a BS in Economics from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst. Sharon moved to Boulder, Colorado in 1995. She lives in Boulder with her husband and three children. Sharon has had her own private massage practice, as well as worked with local physical therapists, chiropractors, and trainers. She works on a variety of clients ranging from young children, pregnant women, athletes, fitness enthusiast, to the elderly.

Sharon's dedication to technique and listening to what her client says, will relax what is creating pain in your body, and will release the cause of that pain. She has the ability to deliver a strong and deep massage, as well as, adjust to accommodate the client that is more sensitive to touch, or who just wants to relax.

With over 19 years of work as a Massage Therapist, she is skilled and successful working on:

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